Sons of Good Earth Blog


After viewing Sons of Good Earth, I liked the film, especially since this was King Hu’s directorial debut film, and was also considered to be his “first film.” It was through his background in acting that he was able to cast Peter Chen Ho and Betty Loh Ti, both big stars at the time; through this very power couple the film was expected to draw an audience and thus a profit.

Apparently, this film however, was made over budget. The scene I felt was most memorable and left quite an impression on me was the fight scene where the villagers retaliate against the Japanese. It helped me to understand why the film did so well to the point where it went over budget..especially since all the props and the material needed to create that fake funeral and the amount of weapons in which that King Hu wanted them to be authentic and look realistic for the actual fight was what made the film go over budget.

I also felt that the last scene where the villagers retreat back to the mountain only to find the Japanese had infiltrated their safe zone was well done especially because it was shot in a wide-shot, so it made me feel like the plot was gradually becoming more intense.

Although the film did cost the Shaw Brothers and King Hu a lot of money, however, the money spent shows and kept the film interesting via impressive action scenes, to me, was worth it in order for this film to be grossly over budget and a spectacular hit.


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