Review: Come Drink With Me

King Hu’s Come Drink With Me was considered his first martial arts film. While watching  the movie, I thought there will be a lot more action and a lot more weapons used throughout the movie. I also thought that the movie would be centered on the main protagonist, Golden Swallow, who was portrayed by Cheng Pei-Pei. However, the main focus was actually on the Drunken Cat, who was portrayed by Yue Hwa.

Aside from the main character, I really liked the costumes, the setting and the continuity editing that made the film a “masterpiece”. There was one scene that stood out to me, which was the fight scene between Golden Swallow and the Jade-Faced Tiger’s men. While the fight scene was not your average fight scene that includes punch, kicks, dodges and stunts, the way it was filmed was pretty impressive. I was told that the camera had to be placed upside down at one point in order to shoot the scene and was edited backwards.

The fight scene between Golden Swallow and Jade Tiger’s men.

Another scene that I realized was when Golden Swallow got hit by a poison dart and the Drunken Cat had to suck the poison out of her. However, what I noticed was when he was sucking the poison out of the wound and stop the bleeding, the wound appeared just below her shoulder and collar bone (which was seeped through her clothes) then the actual wound itself, which was placed more along her chest area. Other than that, very good usage of lighting throughout the movie except the fight scene between Drunken Cat and the monk, which appeared rather dark so it was hard for me to tell where all the sudden wounds had come from. Prop usage and acting was overall well used, however, I don’t think it is rather necessary to include so much blood and have the scene be more over dramatic then it needs to be, but I do understand that this was King Hu’s way of expressing anger and hatred toward the Shaw Brothers.

The fight scene between Drunken Cat and Monk

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