Review: Dragon Gate Inn

Fun Fact: There were two versions of this movie.  Dragon Gate Inn (1967) being the first original movie, New Dragon Gate Inn (1992) , which apparently is the sequel, and the most recent one,  The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011), which I am more familiar with because I am a fan of Jet Li.

Dragon Gate Inn (1967), in my opinion, is one of those films that you either will absolutely love…or absolutely….not love. Personally, I thought the movie was okay, but the ending was what really questioned if I considered this a movie that I would consider watching again or not. It was somewhat confusing because you have all these characters that are somewhat related to one another in a way, in which I got confused. For example, when the commander of the secret police was beheaded by his own squad (condemned by the emperor, himself), I did not know that there was a man and woman, who turns out to be the commander’s youngest son and daughter. Also, when the emperor ordered the commander’s entire family to be killed, why didn’t he kill the youngest son and daughter at that time? Instead, the son and daughter were expelled from the empire to the outlands.


Aside from that, what I really didn’t get was the battle scene towards the end involving the emperor. I may have missed some parts before the movie, but when I finally tuned in to the battle scene, I was slightly confused.. there were multiple times where the emperor got hit and resulting this, he struggled, but he still managed to fight like it was nothing. Also, when the emperor finally got his head chopped off, it ended 10 seconds later. Who does that?? The emperor’s head being chopped off felt like the climax with no falling action or conclusion. You would also think the main protagonist would be the one to kill the emperor, but it was some other guy and then it ends.



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