A Touch of Zen Pt. 1 Review



A Touch of Zen Part 1, in my opinion, had a really slow pace while watching the film. Other than minor action/battle scenes that took place in part 1, the one scene that really stood out to me, and I’m sure the rest of the class was the infamous battle scene in the Bamboo Forest. Here, you have Ku, Yang and the other two men that are battling the two dudes in the red uniform. Aside from the battle being only 6 minutes, the usage of props and the setting, I felt, all went well together. I found some of the scenes really cool like when Yang threw darts and Ku was shooting arrows at the two men and they dodged it and one of them even held the arrow and just ran away.

I thought that Yang was pretty cool when she jumped from the thin bamboo tree and stabbed one of the men. I was in awe and I’m pretty sure we can all agree..even Ku and the other guy that was hiding behind the trees were in awe. What I didn’t get was when the two men were trying to escape and they started cutting down the bamboo trees while Yang and Ku were following them. Maybe while they were cutting the bamboo, they were doing a bit of foreshadowing with it since 30 seconds later, Yang did all these flips and tricks from bamboo to bamboo as she got a good distance and jumped off.

Other than that, I thought for part 1, it was alright. The bamboo forest battle scene was a really good way to end the class since it kept me all excited for what’s in store later on when we watch part 2.


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