Legend of the Mountain Review




Legend of the Mountain (1979) is a sequel of Raining in the Mountain, which we viewed the week before this one. You would think that this film continues off of the first one, which it did, but the plot and the genre did not stay the same. Raining in the Mountain had more action, but Legend of the Mountain was more mystical and horror/thriller, if you were to ask me.

What gave me the vibe of the film being a “horror” movie was the lighting, the setting, and the music. The lighting mainly consisted of low-key lighting and the setting would always be barely visible or dark like the shadows. It gave off the spooky vibe as the scenes in the temple would be barely visible due to the mystical fog and  the usage of shadows, candles, suspenseful music, the “strange” acting, the props and the after effects when they used the props to battle like the constant drumming with their hand, etc. It was more fantasy and mysterious, especially the character Cloud, played by Sylvia Chang…was she a ghost or an actual woman? Was everything an imagination of the scholar’s mind or was it real?

Overall, because it is a horror/fantasy kung fu movie, it is not your average film that King Hu produces. IT stood out compared to the other movies, at least, in my opinion. Fun Fact: The film was written by King Hu’s wife, so maybe that’s why I found it a bit different compared to the other King Hu movies that were screened in class.legend-of-the-mountain-1979-king-hu-shanzhong-chuanqi-05



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