Raining in the Mountain Review

After watching Raining in the Mountain (1979), I can definitely say that this was a better King Hu film compared to last week’s, The Valiant Ones. Raining in the Mountains brought me back to one of the films that we first watched in the beginning of the semester, A Touch of Zen, due to the mystical ghosts, monks, kung fu battle scenes, trickery, etc. I felt Raining in the Mountain had more of a suspenseful, adventurous, and “supernatural” type of feel to it.

Hu was able to practice elements of suspense in this action packed film, which enhances the suspense and made the film that much more fun and entertaining. In the suspense shots, the lines of the walls and roofs, directed the audience’s eyes to the spies creeping through the shot and innocent bystanders that could give away their location. There were also a  mix of high angle, low angle, and unbalanced shots to keep the spy sequences interesting and the viewers at the edge of their seats.

Fun Fact: The temple that was shot in the film was not located in China, but South Korea!

In conclusion, Raining in the Mountain by King Hu is a must- see film if you’re looking for ghost, suspense and action film, along with Kung Fu battles of course!


Picture found here


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