The Valiant Ones Review

Upon watching The Valiant Ones, I didn’t think this film was all that good. Aside from the action, which I love about these movies, I felt that the story plot was the same as any other King Hu film. Nothing new, just something I felt like I’ve watched before, but really wasn’t. I guess you can say that I felt that the storyline was predictable from beginning to end, likewise, did not grasp my full interest or attention. Maybe it could be due to the fact that King Hu uses the same cast from his other films so I know what kind of fighting style each actor/actress portrays. If he used new cast members, it would probably grasp my attention more and interest.

Aside from my personal thoughts about the film, the amount of action used in the film was what kept grabbing my attention and pulling me back in. The sequences that were used to better enhance the action scenes were portrayed rather well. There were extremely quick shots and effective use of both silence and natural sounds to enhance the aftermath of the fight scenes in order to make it more intense for us viewers. The music that was used in the film when the characters would travel, I felt, portrayed more of suspense and intensity. As the story progresses, that’s when the music comes in to enhance the scene more.



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