Painted Skin Review


Picture can be found here

Painted Skin was one of the movies that I found rather similar to Legend of the Mountain due to the film’s genre of being another ghost story, but this one was supposed to contain more “horror”.  While watching the movie, I felt that instead of the film being categorized as a horror ghost movie, I thought it was more fantasy due to the lack of gore and jump scare scenes  that one would normally expect when they watch a horror movie. I think the only thing horrific about this movie was when the ghost took off her face mask and the scholar and wife then discovered that she was a ghost.

When one talks about a horror movie, naturally, jump scare scenes are important and most effective, but it’s mainly due to the music. The music is the one that creates the mood and suspense when it comes to horror films. Similar goes for this one. The music kept on ascending and descending a lot to create the feeling of suspense within us, makes us guessing and keeps us at the edge of our seat.

Also, throughout the film, the color changes a lot between night and day, or shall I say, “warm” and “cold”. In the “colder” scenes, there is mostly blue and a bit of yellow(?) which takes place at night, thus making the scene that much more suspenseful. The warmer scenes had a bit of orange(?), which expresses the character’s reactions and allows viewers to see their expression.


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